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Wheel of Learning

Here at Hurst Green Infant and Nursery School we want children to be inspired, achieve well and flourish in their learning.

Our wheel of learning shows what we believe is important when approaching learning.

We want all children at Hurst Green to be willing and able to:

  • Try new things - Success doesn’t just happen. Be optimistic. We all need to go out and find something in which we can experience success. Doing something and continuing to work and develop it brings confidence.
  • Work hard - If we want to get really good at something there are no shortcuts. Accomplishment is about practice and hard work. Children need to understand the benefits of working hard.
  • Concentrate – if we want to achieve at something we need to concentrate on it and not be distracted. Children need to be taught to concentrate.
  • Push themselves – when children don’t feel like doing things, when they feel shy, when they are scared of failure, peer pressure it can be difficult to push oneself but it is essential for success
  • Imagine – children have a fantastic imagination which mostly declines with age.  We need to build and encourage imagination
  • Improve – successful people are always trying to make things better. There is always room for improvement. This means lots of tweaking and refinement
  • Understand and help others – successful people use what they know to try and be useful to others. It’s not ‘what’s in it for me?’ it is ‘what can I give?’
  • Keep trying – Bad luck, setbacks, failure, criticism, rejection, hits us all. Successful people find a way around these problems. We need to teach them how to bounce back and be resilient and persevere

All these elements underpin everything we do at Hurst Green, all day, every day. They apply equally to all members of our school community of learners.